Food Adventures

Anybody that knows Gareth knows that he is a VERY picky eater.  He has been since he was born. He never drank as much milk as the doctors said he should. He NEVER liked pasta of any kind (even as a baby when everything he ate was just mush). So we’ve always joked that his diet consisted of things that were brown: chicken nuggets, peanut butter, crackers, etc.

Now that he’s 6 and 1/2 years old, we’ve decided that it’s time for him to start “eating with the family.” No longer will we be preparing special meals just for him. No longer will we make an extra stop at McDonald’s on our way to a restaurant.  Gareth is growing up and wanting more responsibility (right now he wants a pocket knife).  So we decided he should earn that responsibility by showing how grown up he’s become.  I can’t say he’s thrilled about this new plan, but he’s been a real trooper. He hasn’t groaned a moaned about it nearly as much as I expected.

So tonight was the big night.  The first time we were all sitting down at the table and would have the same food for dinner. Tonight’s meal:  Brisket chili. To be honest, I don’t know that my son has ever eaten beef in any substantial quantity (it’s not brown!). I remember as a toddler he would occasionally share some mexican casserole with me, but that’s probably been it.

Guess what:  HE LOVES IT!  After the first bite, he was sold.  He said it tasted like burritos (which he has occasionally eaten at daycare in the past).  He loved it so much he wanted to save some to eat tomorrow.

Kindergarten school picture

Well, this one definitely didn’t turn out like mom and dad had hoped, but honestly, this is classic Gareth.  He told us that morning that he didn’t want to wear the ‘picture day’ shirt.  So as you can see, he kept his sweater on and zipped it all the way to the top.  And to top it all off, he chose to be pouty and not smile……at all.

What can I say, this certainly captures the essence of Gareth on a grumpy day.  We all have them……sigh.

The season is over

Almost as fast as it started, the Tball season is now over.  He had a blast and got a lot better throughout the season.  We have no idea if he’ll want to do it again next season, but I have a feeling he might.

Here are some great action shots that mommy took along with Gareth and his game ball.


Gareth’s T-ball career officially started Monday night. He had a blast!  And he did a great job too!  Now we just have to learn how to wait for the ball to be hit to us rather than chasing it all over the field.

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